Ways to Recuperate From the Stress this Holiday Season

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Stress is ultimately a personal experience since not all types of stress is due to a traumatic experience. We cannot deny that particular happenings, such as violent attacks or car accidents, are definitely stressful, events that are more personal and smaller could impact us just as much over time. If you’ve been stressed lately due to the business of the holiday season, it is best to spend some time with your stress and recuperate from all your hardships and has time to relax.

First, we have to identify what causes stress. So, we have listed below some of the major reasons why people become stressed during the holiday season:

Social pressure to have fun in the holidays

Unexpected weight gain from all the holiday treats and parties

Stress over trying to make everything perfect

Insufficient money for entertaining and gifts.

The loneliness of being away from friends or family

Difficulties in schedules

Stressful office meetings

Stressful family gathering

Seasonal Affective Disorder—a condition that’s undergone by a lot of people who have lesser sunlight exposure all throughout the winter season.

Here are some ideas you can consider to help yourself relax and have a happy holiday:

Social activity

You can definitely minimize your stress levels and enhance your capability to manage your stress through social interaction. This is already backed by science. So, never hesitate to talk to someone close to you and share some of your thoughts and experiences. Eventually, you will be enjoying each other’s company, which will result in feeling at ease and becoming more relaxed and laid back,


Studies show that physical exercise helps to reduce depression and anxiety. Having a 30-minute walk every day can even greatly lessen your stress levels. Moreover, exercising has been proven to significantly boost sleep as well.

Massage therapy

There are a lot of studies already that prove massage therapy can actually improve depression, reduce pain, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety if a person gets a regular massage. Moreover, massage therapy can stimulate our body’s parasympathetic nervous system that manages the “rest and digest” actions of our bodies. This enables our body to recuperate, repair injuries and tissues, and digest food. The breathing becomes easier and the heart rate is decreased, which helps reduce feelings of anxiety and balances the body’s homeostasis.

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